Donald Trump claims if he doesn’t get re-elected he will flee the US out of shame

Trump has recently made claims that he will have to leave the US if he doesn’t win the elections and it’s the best news we’ve heard all week!

If there were ever a bigger motivator to vote it would be this. On Friday night Donald Trump attended a rally in Georgia where he joked that he would leave the country if he doesn’t get re-elected.

The US President’scomments come to oppose those of celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen and Tommy Lee who vowed to immigrate if Trump was given another term.

With less than three weeks to go until election day., Georgia has become a key battleground for the two parties. Currently, Trump is trailing behind Biden in the polls and we can only hope he continues to do so.

ThePresident used the rally to slander both Biden and Hilary Clinton stating:

Lock him up. You should lock them up. Lock up the Bidens. Lock up, Hillary. Lock ‘em up!

But, it comes as no surprise that the businessman turned politician is one hell of a sore loser. He POTUS jokingly announced that he would leave the country if not re-elected, hinting towards a future tantrum. Trumpstated:

I shouldn't joke because you know what? Running against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics puts pressure on me.

Trump then asked his audience what he should do if he lost to the ‘worst candidate in the history of politics’:

Could you imagine if I lose? My whole life, what am I going to do? I'm going to say 'I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics.' I'm not going to feel so good. Maybe I'll have to leave the country? I don't know.

The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump group co-founded by George Conway, the husband of former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, jumped on the joke asking: ‘Promise?’

Social media users have been storming Twitter with their own reactions to the statement, almost all commenters hoping that the threat was real. One person joked:

Where to? Asylum in Russia?

Another commenter chimed in:

Trump says he may leave the US if he loses and I'll bet you a million dollars it will be to a country with which we do not have an extradition treaty.

Former US Attorney Preet Bharara, who was dismissed in 2017 by the Trump administration when all Barack Obama-era employees were told to resign, also posted the footage to social media with the comment: ‘Is that a promise... because we'll hold you to it?’

Trump’s statement comes soon after celebrities Bruce Springsteen and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee both publicly stated that they would leave the US if Trump was re-elected.

Springsteen who has been a longtime critic of the POTUS stated that he would flee to Australia if Trump gained a second term:

If Trump is re-elected – which he will not be; I'm predicting right now he's gonna lose – if by some happenstance he should be, I'll see you on the next plane.

Tommy Lee also said that Greece and the UK would be his potential new homes if the USA would be subject to four more years of trump:

Dude, I swear to god if that happens then I'm coming over to visit the UK. I'm out of here. I'll go back to my motherland, go back to Greece and get a house on one of the islands.
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