COVID: PM Boris Johnson confirms 'no new measures in England'

Yesterday, PM Boris Johnson announced that there will be no restrictions, but no rule is absolute. This news has come ahead of the most recorded Omicron cases in UK.

Downing Street: As occurrences of the Omicron variant rise before Christmas, PM wants to 'reserve the potential' of introducing new COVID guidelines in England.

UK recorded a whopping number of 91,743 COVID cases on Monday. PM’s Johnson did not unveil any new policies, and said that ministers were looking at ‘everything.’

No restrictions yet

The government's scientific experts have said that new limitations are needed shortly. They have also advised limiting the size of groups that can assemble and banned locations where there is a significant danger of transmission.

Yesterday, PM Johnson announced that:

No new measures in England, but we rule nothing out.

According to the PM, the data is evaluated 'hour by hour,' but certain aspects that 'we need to be clearer about before we decide to go further' are still being worked out.

The possibility of imposing restrictions are being met with harsh criticism from inside Mr Johnson's own party as, last week, over 100 Conservative MPs voted against the government to introduce COVID passes.

Nevertheless, the government has advised to exercise caution. The ardent plea comes as millions of Britons get prepared to have their booster shots to improve their immunity.

NHS secret weapon

Amidst the growth of the Omicron, NHS has unleashed its potential lifesaver—GSK’s antibody drug. It is for the most vulnerable patients needing hospital care due to COVID.

Even though they have limited number of 100,000 doses, it is shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization and mortality rate by 79%. According to NHS officials, it will be made available to the vulnerable people, such as cancer patients, first.

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