COVID-19: Virus spreads in NHS hospitals, kills 11,600 people

Death tolls increase as people start catching COVID in NHS hospitals. The NHS and PM, Boris Johnson, work together to find solutions for a 'tough winter.'

According to frightening data, over 11,600 asymptomatic people have died in NHS hospitals after contracting COVID. Thousands of people who went to the hospital for unrelated conditions caught the infection, with devastating effects.

One in every eight Covid hospital fatalities is attributable to this terrible ratio. There are 14 times as many coronavirus patients this year as there were this time last year.

Shocking statistics

Apart from the 11,688 already dead patients, the NHS's chief executive has further revealed that 4.5 million individuals have yet to receive their first immunization shot.

Former Health Secretary and current Chairman of the Health and Social Care Select Committee, Jeremy Hunt, told The Telegraph:

These numbers are truly shocking. Hospital infections have been the deadliest silent killer of the pandemic. It surely strengthens the case for mandatory vaccination for front-line health care staff.

Even though, the figures were dubbed a ‘scandal’ by MPs, they renewed calls for mandatory vaccinations for NHS workers amid fears of a winter outbreak.

More shots please!

The ‘tough winter’ is yet to arrive, warns the PM, Boris Johnson. In order to control the influx of COVID patients into the hospitals, the PM has decided to call for more rounds of the vaccine shots.

Boris Johnson has also voiced his concern, saying that there were ‘too many elderly people’ in hospital with COVID. To minimize this ‘excessive’ strain on the NHS, the PM encouraged the UK to ‘get those numbers up' for the vaccine roll out.

Johnson adds:

Sadly the jabs do wane, we’ve done 10 million booster jabs already and it’s a very effective thing, it’s a wonderful thing people, get 95% more protection.
The most important thing we can do for our country today if we want to protect our NHS, if we want to make sure we don’t have excessive pressures on A&E over what promises to be a tough winter, is to all get our booster jabs when we’re called.
COVID-19: This is how many people remain unvaccinated in the UK COVID-19: This is how many people remain unvaccinated in the UK