Here's Why Crocs Might Be A Better Investment Than Bitcoin

A Silicon Valley expert has given his verdict: investing in Crocs might be more worthwhile than bitcoin.

Here's Why Crocs Might Be A Better Investment Than Bitcoin
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Do you think that investing in Bitcoin is the trailblazing idea of the century? Well you might be wrong about that... Because while there has been an unparalleled speculative growth in the infamous cryptocurrency over the last few months, it seems it might not be more profitable than a pair of Crocs!

At least this is the theory proposed by Jack Nicas, a New York Times journalist and Silicon Valley expert. He led a small-scale study into the fluctuation of share prices over the last 12 months, and shared his research on his Twitter account. The result was that investing in Bitcoin might be less profitable than investing in Crocs, the footwear brand which has known a long-lasting commercial success despite the questionable aesthetic appeal of its products.

Surprising? Not particularly. Because while Bitcoin has seen much more significant peaks than Crocs (bringing in over 300% more than its original price), the latter has continued to grow in value over the past 12 months. Better still: the share value of Crocs has doubled since September 2017.

As for good taste in shoes, however...