At The Age Of 14, This Teenager Has Already Earnt Millions

At an age where his classmates spend their days in school, Harvey Millington is a smart entrepreneur who can do it all. Here's the lowdown on this young man who has a lot of ideas.

At only 14 years old, Harvey Millington is already the owner of a nice fortune that he did not win in the lottery. This British teenager has quite a gift for business and he's already reaping the rewards.

Having gotten rich by earning £100,000 from selling road tax booster discs to stick on cars' windshields, Harvey Millington then invested some of that money in land on which he wanted to set up a luxury campsite.

But the young entrepreneur, who always wants more, changed his mind when a real estate company offered to buy his three acres of land. A true blessing for Harvey, who with his business sense, has managed to sell his land for £2 million.

With such talent, Harvey Millington could easily be the next Alan Sugar. But the teenager has other ideas. He confided that he would like to become a police officer when he's older.

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