What Does It Mean To Be A Gentleman?

In a recent video posted by Matthew McConaughey on Instagram, he shared his thoughts about what a gentleman is. This came after numerous press interviews during the promotion of his new film 'The Gentlemen' and it had us wanting to dive deeper into what truly makes a gentleman, a gentleman.

What Does It Mean To Be A Gentleman?
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What Does It Mean To Be A Gentleman?

Have you ever met someone who blows you away with their charisma but is somehow incredibly humble and respectful to all those around him? Someone who never talks behind others backs and does their best to help anyone he can. Well, you may very well have just encountered a true gentleman.

A true gentleman is someone that may seldom be seen in media nowadays, as in this age of internet and technology we are pushed to see some of the worst and most controversial content, and we fear that this may inhibit the potential for all future gentleman. With that in mind, we thought we would break down what it really means to be a gentleman in order to better understand how we can be gentlemen ourselves.

No gossip, ever.

A gentleman doesn't subscribe to gossip. Whether it's hearing it, or spitting it. People who talk about others behind their backs tend to be untrustworthy and will not hesitate to talk about you once your back is turned. A gentleman will never talk someone down. If they have a problem with someone they address it with them personally. This helps to maintain their integrity as well as the integrity of those around him.

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Be open-minded

Smooth-talk and charm can help you look like a gentleman, but a true gentleman knows that in order to improve yourself, you should always be learning. Taking in new information, being open to possibilities and opinions so that you can formulate your own with the utmost care. Gentlemen don't shoot down ideas simply because they don't agree with them, they try to understand where ideas come from to be able to create their own with the knowledge they have.

Be confident, not arrogant

This is an important one for those guys who looked at the 'popular guys' when they were in school thinking how much better off they'd be if they were more like them. Granted there are some genuine gentlemen who gain popularity simply because of their inspirational ways, however more often then not the 'popular guys' are the ones who make jokes at the expense of others, who portray arrogance in lieu of true confidence and are only happy when the attention is on them. A true gentleman doesn't need attention from others in order to be confident. He is sure in his ways and doesn't look to anyone for approval.

Help out

Whether it's cooking or cleaning around the house, or volunteering to help those that are less fortunate, a gentleman will always do what he can to help and never ask for anything in return, because he knows that true satisfaction comes from trying to make others happy or helping to improve someone else's quality of life.

All these things being said it seems to boil down to the fact that a true gentleman is someone who his humble, has empathy for others and maintains his integrity in all situations. They don't need to steal the show and they don't need anyone to tell them that they're doing the right thing.

Be kind, be confident, be a gentleman.

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