When Israel Adesanya Got Knocked Out For The First Time in His Kickboxing Career (VIDEO)

Undefeated in UFC since he made his debut in February 2018, Israel Adesanya seemed practically untouchable. Before his successful transition to MMA however, the StyleBender experienced an incredible knock out during his last kickboxing fight.

Outstanding strike

This weekend, during the main event at UFC 243 in Melbourne, Israel Adesanya will face the biggest test of his career when he goes up against Robert Whittaker.

As interim champion following his win against Kelvin Gastelum, which was a rather classic fight, the fighter is known as ‘The Last Stylebender’ will have the opportunity to unify his belts in the middleweight division. He will have 25 minutes or less to put an end to Whittaker’s reign as champion.

Since he started in UFC, Adesanya has been able to establish his style and make the most of his advantages in order to make himself one of the best, current middleweight fighters in the world. He is very comfortable in these types of fights due to his years of kickboxing training, a sport which he left with an honourable scoresheet of 75 wins and just 5 losses. However, Adesanya didn’t have the farewell fight that all fighters dream of since his career suffered a rough blow when he finally received an incredible knockout blow.

Out cold

In 2017 in Glory, Israel Adesanya was defeated for the very last time. Against Alex Pereira, now the organisation’s two-time champion, the fighter from New Zealand had a very strong start when he struck his opponent several times with his back arm. Although he seemed to be in perfect control of the fight, he was surprised by a left hook that came out of nowhere and sent him to the floor.

A bitter defeat since the two had very strong exchanges during the fight’s promotion. Check out the Brazilian’s reaction who screamed in Adesanya’s face while he was still knocked out in the video above. A painful experience, but one that seems to have been good for Adesanya who is sure to be more careful when he’s back in the ring.

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