Georges St-Pierre Is Gearing Up For An Epic Fight
Georges St-Pierre Is Gearing Up For An Epic Fight
Georges St-Pierre Is Gearing Up For An Epic Fight
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UFC: Georges St-Pierre's Next Fight Will Be A Mega-Fight

Following his the victory over Michael Bisping for the middleweight belt in November, Georges St-Pierre’s coach Firas Zahabi recently came out to say that the fighter is interested in an epic, mega-fight for his next combat in the ring.

Georges St-Pierre is only coming back for a big one. The French-Canadian fighter vacated the middleweight belt he claimed from Bisping at UFC 217 after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis as a result of the steps he took to make weight for the middleweight division. GSP is currently recovering from the disease and is up to make a comeback to the octagon, but not just for any fight...

“I think Georges is going to get better, get back in the gym,” Firas Zahabi, GSP’s coach, states, “He’s going to feel his body out and see what he wants. What’s the most interesting, epic fight out there? Mayweather? McGregor? We need a mega-fight.” He’s certainly not wrong. After a four year absence from the UFC, St-Pierre made an explosive return by dethroning reigning UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping, who himself had been on quite a tear since 2015 beating the likes of Dan Henderson, Luke Rockhold, and even Anderson Silva.

Since vacating the title almost immediately following the victory in November, St-Pierre has received some serious criticism from President of the UFC Dana White. White is unhappy with the fact that St-Pierre did not take the fight seriously, believing he cherry-picked his opponent for a “tune-up” and had not real intention of defending the belt. Should a fight between GSP and McGregor take place, White may change his tune when he sees the potential sales from that PPV. Book it, Dana.