Conor McGregor Talks Up Frankie Edgar After His Knockout Loss To The Korean Zombie

Following Frankie Edgar's loss in the UFC Busan's main event, Conor McGregor wanted to remind the American mixed martial artists' fans, and his haters especially, that he is and will remain an MMA legend.

UFC Busan: The Korean Zombie TKO Frankie Edgar

Last Saturday, December 21, 2019, the Korean Zombie got in the ring to fight, in front of his people, against Frankie Edgar, who was called in at short notice. The Korean fighter quickly gained the upper hand in the main event, knocking the wind out of the veteran. At the end of the round, Frankie Edgar took a second hit and was immediately stopped by the referee. The American lost before the time was up for the second time in his career.

The legendary Frankie Edgar showed very good sportsmanship, as usual, congratulating his opponent, then adding a message for his haters:

"Hats off to the Korean Zombie on a great performance. Why do the negative comments always get to you the most? Thanks for the love from most of you out there. To the others, I’m sure it won’t be your last shitty comment to dish out. Let’s not give power to these people. Thanks for the love to the real ones out there!"

The Notorious comes to the rescue

Conor McGregor, who will be making a comeback on January 18, in the UFC 246's main event, responded to Frankie Edgar's tweet about haters with a reminder that the American MMA artist is and will always be a legend in the sport:

"Remember what we say during the Frankie shootings! Stay covered and keep shooting !! Forever a legend of this game #FrankieBaby"

We're sure veteran Frankie Edgar appreciates the encouragement.

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