This Wholesome Mom's Disappearance Revealed Secrets About Her Double Life

One kind, loving Colorado mom’s unexpected disappearance unveiled secrets about her hidden double life, shocking her friends and family—no one had a clue what she did behind the scenes.

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Everyone within Paige Birgfeld’s community knew Paige as a kind, sweet lady who loved her children more than anything in the world. But, suddenly, one evening, she went missing. And while police searched for clues, they discovered fascinating details about the mother of three.

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A normal life

Before her sudden disappearance, Paige had split up from her second husband, Rob. Her divorce forced her to make ends meet for her three children by herself. She worked a variety of different jobs and managed several businesses. After some time, the mother of three decided to give love another shot.

She decided to go on a date with her high school love and first husband, Howard Ron Biegler. Paige hopped in her car and drove to a charming, scenic location for a romantic picnic with her former love.

No return

Shortly before the sun faded, Paige began her drive back home. She wanted to see her kids before they went to bed! En route, she talked to Howard and informed him that she was almost home. But she never made it.

What happened to Paige Birgfeld? Take a look at our video to find out why the wholesome mother of three disappeared. Hint: it has to do with her secretive double life.

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