This popular beverage can cause prostate cancer

This very popular good category should be avoided as it has been scientifically proven to cause prostate cancer.

This popular beverage can cause prostate cancer
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This popular beverage can cause prostate cancer

Known for being the most common cancer in men, each year, more than 50,000 new prostate cancers are detected and in 66% of cases, it affects men aged 65 or older.

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If certain lifestyle practices, such as regular exercise, help keep our bodies in good health, a healthy diet is absolutely essential. According to studies, dairy products such as milk and yogurt can be highly conducive to prostate cancer.

What is prostate cancer?

It is a disease that develops from prostate cells that are initially normal, but which transform and multiply in an uncontrolled way, until they form a mass that is called a malignant tumour.

It most commonly affects older men, usually over the age of 50 and over. Genetics are also known for playing a big role in the development of this type of cancer. However, it can affect anyone with a prostate, regardless of how healthy they are or prior family history.

Scientists have always advocated for us to prioritize the consumption of whole foods in order to stay in the best shape of our lives and—as a result—prevent cancer as much as possible. Foods such as legumes, healthy fats and protein-rich nutrients should be favoured over take-out meals and processed foods. But as it turns out, dairy products should be highly moderated.

How are dairy and prostate cancer related?

We have always heard (especially in advertisements) about the virtues of cow's milk. So much so that in our minds, it is synonymous with vitality and growth. However, not all its properties are good for us.

In fact, several studies have established that milk and dairy products are linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer. The reason is the hormone IGF-I, which can be harmful if present in too large a quantity in our bodies. This does not mean that they should be banned, but that it would be wiser to consume them in very controlled doses.

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