Emmanuel Macron millionaire: His extravagant income revealed

Emmanuel Macron, the French President, has become a millionaire since the beginning of his mandate. We know a little more about his fortune.

Emmanuel Macron
© Chesnot, Getty Images
Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron is hiding a nice fortune. Since his arrival at the Élysée Palace, he has earned a lot of money and joined the millionaire's club.

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An eventful five years

Emmanuel Macron's five-year term has not been an easy one. Since his election, the President has had to deal with many worries in France. The Yellow Vests movement, the health crisis... Brigitte Macron's husband has certainly not been spared. Nevertheless, if his mandate is about to end, the politician has not yet said his last word.

While he has not yet officially announced his candidacy, Emmanuel Macron seems to already be campaigning for the 2022 Presidential election.

Emmanuel Macron's huge fortune

Emmanuel Macron has always been discreet about his private life, and even more so about his fortune. However, new records have come to light. According to 20 Minutes, the President has received 1.07 million euros (£850,000) of income since the beginning of his mandate.

A good part of Emmanuel Macron's income would come from his allowances as an elected official. He would have received around €35,000 (£30,000) of real estate capital gains since the beginning of his tenure. The President also has a life insurance policy worth €113,412 (£96,000).

In addition, he has several current accounts at Crédit Mutuel where his balance is around 166,600 euros, BFMTV revealed. He has opened more than seven passbooks in recent years in different banks. In total, he would have 466,622 euros in all his bank accounts.

This represents a nice sum of money. Enough to help him pay back a loan. According to records, Macron owes 127,000€ to Crédit Mutuel.

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