Sleuth says these UFO images are the best he's seen in 40 years

Photos of a UFO in Poland has left experts baffled claiming they're the clearest images seen in 40 years.

Sleuth says these UFO images are the best he's seen in 40 years
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Sleuth says these UFO images are the best he's seen in 40 years

OneUFO enthusiast, claims the images taken of the object over Poland are the best he's seen in over 40 years. Jason Gleave, a photographic expert even claims that the images are genuine.

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The UFO which almost resembles a spinning top or a Beyblade was seen by a cyclist riding near the village of Jastrowo, roughly 180 miles from Warsaw. The bike rider claimed that the object made a rustling noise at it brushed against the tops of the trees as it moved away.

The man whipped out his phone to take pictures of the scene before the object disappeared and to his surprise, he found he had taken many stills of the UFO.

The man decided to keep his name secret and instead sent the images to Polish ufologist and journalist Robert Bernatowicz.

The witness also fears he has suffered from 'missing time' a common symptom among those abducted by aliens much like the famous Betty and Barney Hill. Back in 1961, the couple claimed that they had lost time after realising they had arrived home hours after they were supposed to. Mr Bernatowicz stated:

He is afraid to give his real name and surname. Why? In Poland talking about UFOs means that people will take you as a person with mental problems. The witness reports that he saw a UFO then took the photographs and then has a break in his memory of what happened next.

Bernatowicz also shared the images with Mr Mantle, a former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association, who has been investigating UFO sightings since 1979:

I have worked on a number of alleged UFO photo-cases down the years with most of them turning out to either be something convention or a hoax.
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And in utter disbelief that the images of the UFO could be so clear and so real he also shared the images with another specialist to confirm. He sent the photos to Mr Gleave, who since his departure from the RAF has become a UFO photo analyst. Mr Gleave claimed:

I was amazed at such a high quality they were. I overlaid the five separate images to confirm the movement of the object. It appeared to move in a small radius of approximately 200 feet, staying within approximately 150-200 feet altitude from ground level.

He added that the photos' also had a huge range of details that made them easier to analyse such as foliage, which can help 'ascertain perspective':

The unknown camera operator appeared to have taken the photographs from five slightly different positions in each of the images but all within an approximate few feet distance from each other as recognisable foliage and tree branches are seen in each.

It turns out a there's a ton of work that goes into investigating the legitimacy of UFO images such as sun positioning and time of day and without this information, it can be 'difficult to give accurate conclusions':

The object itself appears to have structure and be metallic in appearance, exhibiting a larger main circular base/body tapering upwards to a pointed apex (similar to a church steeple) below the larger circular base a smaller domed protrusion is seen.

Mr Gleave stated that he has no reason to believe that the images aren't real:

In my conclusion to my analysis of the five images draws me to believe there is a structured object present and it is of an unknown origin.

Mr Mantle concluded that if Gleaves was correct then they may have the clearest ever images of a UFO:

If the analysis of Jason Gleaves is correct, and I have no reason to suggest otherwise, then these five UFO photos from Poland could be the best we have.
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