Shocking Moment Man Clings Onto 70mph Speeding Car As Road Rage Escalates

What started off as an inconsiderable bump between two vehicles ended with a man clinging onto the hood of an SUV as it pelted along a busy motorway...

road rage
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road rage

Whilst we're used to seeing high-speed car chases and gun-pointing in Fast-And-Furious-esque action flicks, driving along a busy highway in Massachusetts, US was quite the sight as bewildered road users passed by a speeding SUV - but with a struggling 65-year-old man clinging to its bonnet. It's safe to say that the result was a near-enough miracle that no parties within close proximity of the spontaneous danger stunt were injured. Meanwhile, you'll bet there were some arrests made that day.

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Bizarre footage emerged after Richard Kamrowski, 65 found himself in an increasingly-heated row with Mark Fitzgerald, 37, things had taken a turn when Fitzgerald reportedly tried to pull a hit-and-run as Kamrowski stepped out of his vehicle to exchange numbers following the minor accident. In a bid to stop the driver of the white SUV, Kramowski allegedly stood in front of the car before being forced to jump onto the bonnet of the vehicle as Fitzgerald pressed down the accelerator, reaching an approximate speed of 70mph as he hurled along the motorway. The footage eventually shows raging Fitzgerald speeding along the main road for approximately three miles as Kramowski managed to dial police whilst clinging onto the vehicle with his fingertips.

The absurd spectacle eventually comes to an end when other drivers managed to corner Fitzgerald car, forcing the road-rager to stop before being approached by another motorist, who pointed a gun at him. After having been held at the scene, both Fitzgerald and Kramowski were arrested. Whilst no one endured any serious injury, the two men were charged - Mr Fitzgerald accounted for assault with a dangerous weapon, negligent operation and leaving the scene of a car crash, whilst Mr Kramowski was charged with disorderly conduct.

Whilst we don't bat an eyelid when it comes to the movies, this particular road-rage chase makes for a shocking sight to say the least.

Check out the full footage above.

Onlooker captured the moment a foolish road rage argument resulted in another collision Onlooker captured the moment a foolish road rage argument resulted in another collision