Seaspiracy has convinced thousands of viewers to stop eating fish

Thinking about eliminating fish from your diet after watching Seaspiracy? Join the club!

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The Netflixdocumentary, Seaspiracy, has the world shook after its coverage on the fishing industry and its worrying environmental impact.

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Director Ali Tabrizi, initially wanted to find out how single-use plastics were destroying marine life. But, he ended up discovering the dark side of the commercial fishing industry and took his viewers along for the disturbing ride.

The documentary was packed with revelations about how the fishing industry is responsible for a majority of the ocean pollution, while the blame was predominantly placed on single-use plastics. Furthermore, Tabrizi also exposed the real truth behind dolphin-safe labels, and how companies, who distributed these labels, could not guarantee that dolphins were not being killed in the process of commercial fishing.

So, what’s the solution to saving the dolphins and the oceans? According to Tabrizi, you either stop eating fish altogether or drastically reduce your consumption.

Giving up fish

Since the release of the documentary, there has been a lot of debate on the internet about the accuracy of his claims but one thing’s for sure: if you watched the documentary and thought about going vegan or vegetarian afterwards, you’re not alone.

LadBible took a poll on Twitter and found that around 42% of the 9000 respondents considered giving up fish after watching the documentary. Someone wrote:

Well I just watched Seaspiracy and I think this is finally the time I strive for a vegan diet permanently. This is going to be tough for me but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

While another person tweeted:

After watching #Cowspiracy and #Seaspiracy it leaves me no choice but to go vegan. It’ll be a hard transition but worthwhile.

The problem with the documentary and it’s message is that although the facts are hard-hitting, the solution provided is incredibly drastic, making it hard for many people to realistically change their diet. Many people will immediately make a vow to stop eating fish after watching the documentary but the real question is, how many people will stick to that decision for the rest of their life?

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