Nudist chases down thieving wild boar

This man broke into a frantic sprint in only his birthday suit after his things were stolen.

Nudist Man
© Adele Landauer
Nudist Man

The footage of this man's most embarrassing moment has gone viral on the internet. While enjoying a moment of relaxation at the water's edge, a German swimmer was filmed on August 5 running naked after a wild boar, as reported by Bild. The robber had stolen his bag, which contained his laptop. The encounter ended in a comical chase, captured by an amused audience on the beach at Lake Teufelssee in Berlin.

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A resounding success

Adele Landauer, life coach in the German capital, shared the hilarious scene on Facebook. In the photo accompanying the photos, she said:

Yesterday, on the shores of Lake Berlin, I saw a real hero. A female boar with two babies came out of the forest to look for food. Many of us were afraid, but the boars seemed peaceful.

Everything changed when the little family found a yellow bag and decided to take it away. But all's well that ends well, the man in his birthday suit ended up getting his things back from the thieving boar’s mouth. ‘I then showed him the photos, he burst out laughing and gave me permission to make them public,’ continues Landauer.

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Posted by Adele Landauer on Wednesday, August 5, 2020
'All of us loved it. ...when he came back with his yellow bag in his hand, we all applauded him and congratulated him on his success. That's what happens when you focus on your goals,’ she joked.

Nudity in the midst of wild boars

Nudism isn't a foreign concept to our friends over in Germany - sometimes cookouts feature two different kinds of bratwursts. The practice, called Freikörperkultur, literally, the ‘culture of the free body,’ is becoming less and less popular with the younger generation. However, it is still popular on the beach at Teufelssee, a popular place for nude sunbathing.

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Is this the new world? So many newspapers, radio and TV shows worldwide wrote about my story in Facebook and Instagram about the wild boars in Berlin. So, today I went to this lake again. And can you imagine? The same mother wild boar with her babies was there again. Totally peaceful in the middle of the crowd. As you see in my video no one really cared much because they all felt comfortable with each other. I have a dream one day we all will live peacefully together. All the different nations, cultures, religions with all their different viewpoints of life. Maybe this scene shows how it could happen. Human beings and wildlife are pretty big contradictions. But as we see we can make it together. What do you think about it? Give me a ✨ if you have the same dream: All beings on planet earth could live peacefully together. Adele . . . . #boar #successstory #coaching #onlinecourse #digitalcoaching #workshop #values #leadership #lifecoachingtips #lifecoachingtips #erfolgreichwerden #ausstrahlung #charisma #bewusstsein #kommunikation #veränderung #gespräch #dialog #werte #selbstverwirklichung #powerfulthoughts #führung #radiance #leadership #selfleadership #inspiration #präsentationstraining #publicspeaking #wildschwein #peacefullife #onlinecourses

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But in recent years Berliners have had to share the place with curious visitors. For good reason: many people leave their rubbish behind, giving wild boar, foxes, raccoons, and badgers the chance to come and feed. The animals now have their own routine and wander around without any fear... This then gives rise to some very amusing confrontations.

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