Rare Images Of Kangaroos Hopping Through The Snow

Beautiful images that reflect the beauty of Australia's fauna.

Group Of Kangaroos In The Snow
© Twitter: Toronto Star
Group Of Kangaroos In The Snow

Australian winter

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Since Friday, June 21, we here, as well as the rest of our European friends, have been enjoying the long-awaited return of summer.

A season that allows us, every year, to enjoy the sun and our favourite sunny day activities. While the lucky ones get to go on vacation, others get to enjoy a slightly quieter month at work in August.

However, although it's sunny up here, that's not the case everywhere. In fact, on the other side of the globe, it's winter in several countries, such as Australia.

Part of the country is currently covered in snow, which means we get to admire its beautiful snowy landscapes, like the one we're pleased to share with you in the video above.

Kangaroos frolicking in the snow

Australia's fauna consists of a wide variety of animals, which turns off many travellers every year. Needless to say, few people are fans of giant spiders.

But while some animals are indeed less inviting than others, Australia is also home to a variety of amazing ones, such as the kangaroo, which is featured on the country's coat of arms.

And speaking of kangaroos, a whole pack of them was recently widely shared online, because it's extremely rare to see them hopping through the snow. A Twitter user shared a video that quickly went viral. In it, you can see a pack of kangaroos bouncing through a snowy field.

You can check out these beautiful images in the video above and share them with your friends!

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