Disgusting Moment Train Staff Are Filmed Throwing Dirty Mop Water on Sleeping Homeless Man

A shocking incidient unfolded as railway staff at Sutton train station were spotted throwing dirty water over a homeless man before shocked onlookers.

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An outraged bystander captured the shocking incident Southern Rail staff at Sutton Train Station were spotted pouring dirty water on a homeless man as well as his belongings. It was reported that the workers, clad in Southern Rail uniform, were prompted to do so after the man fell asleep just outside the station, perched against the wall.

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The clip shows two members of the staff standing over the sleeping man, as one can be seen pouring water, which contains industrial disinfectant, from a mop bucket where the man is laying. The staff member is then seen proceeding to mop the floor. In the video, the two responsible men question the witness why she is filming, to which she simply retorts with: "That's absolutely disgusting. Disgusting behaviour of another human being - that's why I'm filming it."

It wasn't long before the video had been shared online, paired with the caption,

This is how Southern fail staff treat another human being in Sutton and I didn’t start filming until they had already wacked him with the mop and put even more water on and around him.

Speaking to LADbible, Passenger Services Director for Southern Railway, Angie Doll said:

We take this incident extremely seriously and have started an investigation. We suspended the two members of staff seen in the video and a third colleague who we identified from station CCTV.

"We would like to apologise to the homeless man and we are trying to make contact with him to offer help and support," she added.

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