COVID: Thousands of double-jabbed Brits have died since January, ONS reveals

The ONS has observed a significant increase in the mortality rate within the vaccinated population of the UK in the past few months.

Death rate in the UK
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Death rate in the UK

Latest figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed that a majority of COVID deaths that were observed within the double-jabbed population occurred within a span of only two months. According to their findings, 4,479 fully vaccinated individuals died between January and September, of which 3,200 occurred in August and September. In comparison, a heartbreaking 34,474 unvaccinated people have died from the start of the year, and an additional 10,000 who only had a single jab.

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Protection from the vaccine

Although the statistics support the theory that vaccines do protect against severe and fatal forms of infections, the organisation has advised against using them to prove vaccine efficacy. They said:

The ASMR for deaths involving COVID-19 for unvaccinated people is 32 times greater than that of people who had received two doses at least 21 days ago.
While the ASMRs provide evidence that vaccinated individuals have a lower risk of dying of coronavirus (COVID-19) than unvaccinated individuals, they cannot be used to determine vaccine effectiveness.

While scientists, researchers, and government officials have been evaluating the possibility that the vaccines could be waning, there are several other factors that could also have prompted an increase in the mortality rate within the vaccinated population. In the UK, the relaxing of COVID rules have sparked a change in social attitude towards the virus as well.

Breaking the rules

Another study conducted by the ONS found that 22% of people who tested positive for the virus did not follow social isolation rules. One in five people had either left their home or had visitors when they were actively infected with the virus. The organisation stated that the percentage of people who strictly adhered to the proper quarantine protocol had dropped between 27 September and 2 October, compared to that recorded in April and May. They added:

And while the level of adherence was broadly in line with June and July 2021 levels, it represents a statistically significantly lower percentage, compared with adherence levels earlier in the year (84% in April 2021 and 86% in May 2021).
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