Coca-Cola: 5 things to know about the soda

Did you know that coca was originally a medicine and the recipe for Coke was kept secret in a safe? Here are 5 things to discover about our favourite beverage, Coca-Cola.

COCA: 5 things to know about American soda
© Maximilian Bruck
COCA: 5 things to know about American soda

Did you know, Coca-Cola would be the 2nd most understood word in the world behind 'Okay.'

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Coke came to the UK in the 1900 and quickly raised the spirits up for people throughout the country. Especially during the World War, where Coke was the chosen beverage for the American soldiers.

It was soon referred to as a 'pop' in the UK. Here is a list of 4 fascinating facts you didn't know about Coke.

1. Coke was a medicine

At least, it was sold as such. It was used to relieve headaches. On one hand, it was made from coca leaves, and coca means cocaine (even in small quantities). We're talking about 9 mg in a glass. So the company stopped using it in 1903 and replaced it with caffeine. But the ingredient was just as exciting.

2. Coke is available almost everywhere

It is available in every country in the world, except 2—North Korea and Cuba. Otherwise, it is possible to order a Coke anywhere on the globe. In fact, more than 10,000 of the brand's sodas are sold every second. Coke was even the first non-alcoholic drink to travel into space in 1985.

3. Santa Claus is red because of Coke

At least for the most part. In 1930, Coke decided to do its biggest advertising campaign in history. They took the image of Santa Claus and dressed him in red and white (the colours of Coke), with a friendly face, sipping a Coke. A worldwide success! And this is how Santa Claus owes his current image to a simple advertising campaign.

4. The recipe for Coke is kept in a safe

There are many legends about the recipe. According to the official COCA website: 'It is said to rest in a safe in the unbreakable basement of the SunTrust Bank in Atlanta, Georgia. Only two or three employees, chosen from among the chosen, would know the exact formulation, thus maintaining the magic of the beverage.'

In reality, the recipe is no secret, and the use of chromatography (a physical-chemical method used to separate the various substances present in a mixture) makes it possible to identify the ingredients.

So, in theory, we could make the beverage at home.

Here are 5 things you didn't know about Coca-Cola Here are 5 things you didn't know about Coca-Cola