This Is What Happens When You Mix Coca-Cola And Liquid Nitrogen

What could happen when you mix Coca-Cola with liquid nitrogen? One man decided to put it to the test, and the results are striking...

Mixing Cola-Cola with liquid nitrogen
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Mixing Cola-Cola with liquid nitrogen

Fortunately, there are people like the Crazy Russian Hacker who try things you would never dare to do yourself.

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Safety first! This time, the Youtuber chose to test the effect of liquid nitrogen on this famous soda. And, as you can quickly see, it wasn't necessarily a good idea. Concerned about his safety, he reminds us that, before beginning his experiment, he took care to protect himself with a mask for his eyes - and a helmet. He didn't forget to mention that children shouldn't try to copy his experiment. Given the result, we would even be tempted to advise against everyone from trying it!

A rocket with a bottle of cola

The Crazy Russian Hacker used a 2-litre bottle of the famous American soda. He emptied it about half-way. Then he filled a plastic cup of liquid nitrogen (yes - he had it to hand...). He was careful not to spill anything on the floor of his garage. Then, after removing the plastic bottle cap, he poured the nitrogen into the half-filled bottle of cola. He very quickly found out that smoke emerged. Then, the scientist, safe under his helmet, tried to return to the container...

But he hardly had time to make a move until the bottle took off like a rocket! Direction: the sky! The speed and power of propulsion were so impressive that the Youtuber even lost his balance and fell backwards.

We'll let you enjoy in slow motion above...

This is what happens when Coca Cola meets stomach acid! This is what happens when Coca Cola meets stomach acid!