Which Of These Doors Scares You The Most? Your Response Says A Lot About Your Personality

  • The barricaded door
  • The entrance to a tunnel
  • The door to a wooden cabin
  • The entrance to an icy grotto
  • The door down some stairs

A very serious American study confirms that we can find out a lot about somebody’s personality and their fears from photos of… doors. Yeah, yeah, you read that right. So, do the test, choose the door that scares you the most and find out some more about yourself!

Our gallery has 12 images: 6 doors and what they mean.

So scroll through the 6 first images. Once you’ve found the door that scares you the most, continue scrolling to find out what your fear means!

These doors, all taken from the worst horror films, let your imagination run away with itself. Is there a monster behind it, a clown, zombies? Whatever it is, whatever reaction your subconscious has, corresponds to an exact feat, which is then characterized by well-defined traits. It’s clear that most of the answers aren’t that bad!

Another door that is often scary, is the one you go through before starting classes back at school… but the only character trait that can be drawn from that is that you’re lazy!

Anna Wilkins
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