This Russian Man Bathes In A Cauldron For One Shocking Reason

This Russian Man Bathes In A Cauldron For One Shocking Reason

A Russian businessman seems to have found a cure to all his ills by soaking himself in a huge pot. Check out the video for a quick look at the footage he shared after documenting the process!

A Russian businessman named Guerman Stirligov had an idea, which is shocking and somewhat strange to say the least, and will definitely surprise you.

This man believes that if he gets into a pot full of boiling water, he will heal all his body's ailments. The cauldron is placed on top of embers and begins to boil.

You have to put herbs and salt in the pot to purify and cure yourself. Stirligov is very happy with his invention, and owns a 2-century-old copper tub.

However, he warns that not all pots are suitable for this purpose. Some may even be harmful to your health, so it is best not to use them in that case.

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This bizarre therapy is miraculous according to this businessman and, in the video he uploaded to YouTube, he invites people to come to his house to try it. Would you try it?

Check out the video for more! 

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