This is why you should never wear underwear to sleep

It's been a long-standing debate—should you wear underwear to sleep in or not? Wearing this piece of clothing at night runs the risk of irritation, fungal infections, or even urinary infections.

We all know that we should wash our face at night to let our skin breathe before we nod offwell, your privates need to breathe too!

Underwear, then, isn’t our best friend at night—far from it. Instead, wearing loose pyjamas, a nightdress, or even sleeping naked is advised.

Wearing restrictive underwear can expose you to certain risks, as was explained by Jean-Marc Bohbot, infectious disease and andrology specialist and author of a book on the subject, in a recent interview.


Obviously, fabric rubbing against your genital regions isn’t pleasant during the day, so why would we inflict it on ourselves at night? One solution could therefore be to wear something made of high quality cotton, to reduce the risk of irritation.

Fungal infections

Knickers are going to deprive your vagina of air, and increase heat and humidity, which encourages the growth of bacteria. This bacteria can then cause skin irritations and severe fungal infections. It can also give penis-owners nasty yeast infections.

Urinary infection

If you’ve already experienced this type of infection, it’s even more recommended to not wear knickers at night, but instead wear pyjama bottoms. 'Knickers can promote the transition of germs which come from your intestine, via your anus or bladder, towards your privates, and therefore cause urinary infections,' Jean-Marc Bohbot explained.

You have been warned!

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