The Teaser For Game Of Thrones Episode 2 Is Here

The first episode has set the tone! Even though the Night King is the biggest threat, the drama is just about to begin.

The first episode of the long-awaited eighth and final season has already delivered a lot of details (spoilers ahead!), so what is likely to happen next?

Daenerys is going mad like her father

The dragon queen is going to be put through a lot during this season: Not only has she lost one of her dragons, she now knows that the Night King has brought him back to his army and that she’s going to have to kill him… again…

She’s going to find out that her new boyfriend is not only her nephew, but is the real king of the seven kingdoms, and that SHE has to bend the knee.

Knowing her tendency to burn down those who upset her, it’s not going to be easy for her to accept the fact that Queen Cersei is also plotting against her…

She’s already threatened Sansa, so she’s probably going to lose Jon Snow’s loyalty, just as she will Tyrion’s if she decides to kill Jaime…

Jaime dies

In the first episode, we were all left in shock when Cersei decided to send Bronn to kill her brother and only true love, the father of her children, Jaime. And let’s not forget that Bronn killed the mad king, who happens to be Daenerys’ father. He also put Bran in a wheelchair… so going back to Winterfell might be suicide for him.

The Night King kills everyone

Well… It is Game Of Thrones after all, his army is growing more and more, he might reach Kings Landing with an army too big to stop, and he has an Ice Dragon…

Check out the video above to see the official teaser for episode 2!

The Teaser For Game of Thrones Episode 4 Has Just Been Released The Teaser For Game of Thrones Episode 4 Has Just Been Released