This Game Of Thrones Actress Says The Show 'Saved' Her From Her Former Career

Before becoming famous thanks to Game of Thrones, Josephine Gillan was working as a very different kind of actress under the name of Sophie O'Brien.

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This is a beautiful story that comes straight out of Hollywood. Previously acting in adult movies, Josephine Gillan saw her life change thanks to a helping hand from fate.

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‘Game Of Thrones saved me from prostitution’

The 27-year-old redhead until her lucky break was making ends meet by acting in adult movies under the name of Sophie O'Brien. Until the day she answered an ad for a TV series looking for a young woman with natural breasts, no tattoos and who would be willing to be nude on screen.

Quickly contacted to audition, Josephine managed to get hired. But what she didn't know in advance was the success of this famous series called... Game of Thrones! By accepting the role of Marei, one of the prostitutes in Petyr's brothel, Josephine Gillan saw her fate completely change.

‘Game of Thrones saved me from prostitution and made me a stronger person,’ she told The Daily Mail.

Thanks to this role and her new notoriety, Josephine Gillan is now considered a true actress. She no longer plays in adult films and has even just gotten a leading role in a horror film called Doll Island.

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