Game Of Thrones: Who Is With Who In Real Life?
Game Of Thrones: Who Is With Who In Real Life?
Game Of Thrones: Who Is With Who In Real Life?
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Game Of Thrones: Who Is With Who In Real Life?

By Anna Wilkins

Since the final season of Game of Thrones is in full swing and we’re eagerly awaiting each new episode, here is a little overview of the love lives of the actors from the series.

Relationships between brothers and sisters, uncle and aunts, forced marriages, relationships all come at a price… In Game of Thrones, we’re spoiled for love stories. And since the final season is in full swing, bringing us closer and closer to the reluctant end of this must-see series, here is an overview of the real love lives of the actors.

Very normal lives

Let’s start with those who met thanks to the series and ended up getting married in the summer of 2018: Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington (aka Ygritte and Jon Snow on the screen). These two got into a relationship in the series, before they were cruelly torn apart. In real life however, it all went a lot better for the two lovebirds.

Brave Arya Stark, who really has grown up over the course of the series, is played by Maisie Williams. The young woman, now 22 years old, has a lovely life with Ollie Jackson. And the woman who plays her sister on the screen, Sophie Turner, is recently married to singer Joe Jonas.

Although Jamie Lannister has a chaotic love life in Game of Thrones - spending most of his time hiding a romance with his sister – the actor that plays him, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, has a rather conventional life! He married a singer named Nukâka, who he now has two children with. The man who plays his brother Tyrion in the series, Peter Dinklage, is also married and father to two children.

Gwendoline Christie, who plays the brave Brienne of Tarth, shares her life with the fashion designer Giles Deacon.

Check out images of these couples and other actors in the video above.

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