Emilia Clarke Speaks Out About Her Nude Scenes In Game Of Thrones

When it first came to our screens, Game of Thrones was slightly controversial. The numerous sex scenes in it are one of the reasons behind GoT's success, and Emilia Clarke isn't particularly pleased with that...

It is true that season 1 of Game of Thrones often has nudity or sex scenes, but we must admit that it has calmed down since then. Long associated with the word 'sexy', the successful series has managed to rid itself of this image.

The mother of dragons goes on a rant

In an interview for the PA, Emilia Clarke made things clear. She defends the series, declaring that there aren't that many sex scenes: 'For my character, I can even count the number of times I have been naked on one hand.'

A rant you can watch in our video, which allowed the actress to remind us of the importance of the women in Game of Thrones! Speaking of which, the actress who plays Brienne, Gwendoline Christie, shares Emilia Clarke's opinion. Her character is the quintessential strong and independent woman who 'defies the norms of genderization and the usual perception of women on TV.'

In Game of Thrones, women are in power and they intend to stay there until the end! Now, let's see which one of them will be crowned Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. See you April 14th.

Check out the video above to see what Emilia had to say for yourself...

Emilia Clarke Opens Up About Her Nude Scenes From Game Of Thrones Emilia Clarke Opens Up About Her Nude Scenes From Game Of Thrones