Watch This Crazy Footage Of The Bologna Keepers Training!

Watch This Crazy Footage Of The Bologna Keepers Training!

All around the world keepers have their own ways of training. The Bologna managers are using their imaginations to prepare their goalkeepers for the worst!

As you might have realised after watching Jordan Pickford's incredible performance in the World Cup this year, goalkeepers are players apart. Whether it be their physical, technical or mental preparations, these players are under a different kind of pressure, and must train separately from the rest of team in order to be successful.

In Bologna, the managers have set up different exercises for their keepers, the footage of which has surprised the whole world.

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In order to best prepare their keepers for the most unexpected situations, a wall with raised bumps and panels was placed on the ground in order to deflect balls in various and unpredictable directions. What an ideal way to perfect their reflexes before the start of the season and get some recognition on social media at the same time!


Rob Mitchell
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