This Photo Of Messi And His Wife Went Viral For One Brilliant Detail

Antonella Roccuzzo was happily posing next to her boyfriend, but she didn’t realise who was hiding in between them. You can’t miss it!

This Photo Of Messi And His Wife Went Viral For One Brilliant Detail
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There are lots of occasions in which a simple and innocent photo can turn out to be hiding something surprising, just like this photo that Leo Messi’s girlfriend uploaded to her social media account.

This photo, which caused quite a buzz on Instagram, was taken of the Barcelona football player, Leo Messi, with his girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo, posing happily by his side.

Both of them look like they are sat at a table with smiles all around. The photo got an incredible amount of likes in just a few minutes and now, it has more than a million.

She had written ‘Hermosa noche’ in the caption or ‘Beautiful night’ in English and her 10 million followers on Instagram immediately went crazy about one little detail.

Apparently neither Roccuzzo nor Messi were the main protagonists of this curious photo. Someone else had snuck into the background to stir up the photo.

Do you want to know who it was who had infiltrated this romantic photo between Antonella and Leo? You can find all the details of this strange photo in the video above Click play now!

Source: ahoramismo

Image: antonelaroccuzzo - Instagram