This Is The Real Reason These Footballers Wear Their First Names On Their Shirts

Have you ever noticed that many players wear their first names on their backs rather than their second? From Dele Alli to Alexis Sanchez, there are several reasons why certain footballers choose to wear their first name over their last name.

There's one thing some football players are good at, and it's dodging surnames on their football jerseys. Perhaps you've never paid attention to it in the heat of a revolutionary goal, but there are actually more players with their first name on their back than you initially realised.

Indeed, it turns out that players are actually allowed to wear their first name on the pitch, as written in the Premier League rulebook, it states: 

‘Each player shall wear a shirt on the back of which shall be prominently displayed his shirt number and above that his surname or such other name as may be approved in writing by the board.’ 

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It seems that quite a few players already ditched their names for various reasons where some prefer a fresh start within their football careers such as Ravel Morrison, who uses his forename, whilst others like Sergio Aguero choose a nickname of sentimental value. And these two are definitely far from the only ones. 

See if you can guess which players sneakily turn their backs on their surnames whilst in the game, check out our list below! 

By Stacey Williams

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