This Is The Real Reason Cristiano Ronaldo Won't Serve Time For His 2 Year Prison Sentence

Convicted of tax fraud between the years of 2011 and 2015, the Portuguese Juventus striker broke the law while he was still playing for Real Madrid. Guilty of having concealed nearly £13 million in tax havens, the Spanish justice system has decided to throw the book at Ronaldo.

The case between the Portuguese striker and Spanish inland revenue is now closed. He was therefore sentenced to two years' imprisonment plus a fine of £2.7 million. This penalty was due to undeclared and hidden funds while he was playing for Real Madrid.

Pursued by the Spanish tax authorities for many years because of four crimes of tax evasion, he finally pleaded guilty. He will not serve his two years in prison since a sentence below 24 months can be commuted to a fine and because of his clean criminal record. He will have to pay an additional £318,000 to avoid prison. All in all, he will be paying a fine of around £16.5 million corresponding to the player’s multiple convictions in this case.

This sentence came as no surprise, it confirms what had been predicted last summer.

He is not finished with the justice system however since he is still under the threat of sanction due to a rape allegation which occurred in 2009 in Las Vegas. But this time, the sentence may be more severe.

Take a look at the video above for more on Ronaldo's case...

This Is The Real Reason Cristiano Ronaldo Left Real Madrid For Juventus This Is The Real Reason Cristiano Ronaldo Left Real Madrid For Juventus