What are Kit Kats really made of? The answer will surprise you

A BBC documentary gave the inside scoop on they make Kit Kat bars, and it’s not what you would expect—but we doubt the news will stop anyone from consuming Kit Kats!

Give me a break! Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar! Do you remember that little tune? It’s safe to say that Kit Kat bars have played an essential role in our lives for many, many years.

With Kit Kat bars, you get it all. There’s nothing that compares to that to-die-for chocolatewrapped around a crunchy, fulfilling wafer. It’s basically the best snack—ever.

But have you ever thought about how they make Kit Kats? How do they make the wafer? Do they do something special with the chocolate? Well, hang tight because we’ve got the answers for you!

Let’s talk about the chocolate part first before we get to the ever-so intriguing and shocking waver-making info! It turns out that the manufacturers don’t like the idea of using your everyday milk chocolate.

So they make a custom-made topping! First, they drop the ready-to-go wafers into melted chocolate, and then they drizzle an additional layer of chocolate on top of that. I don’t know about you, but this chatter is definitely inducing a Kit Kat bar craving.

You can now buy numerous different types of Kit Kats: mint, cookies & cream, orange, and dark, to name a few. And they are all so tasty! Okay, now we’ll get into the big question of the day:

How do they make the wafer? It’s definitely not what we expected! Do you want to know how they make that oh-so-delicious Kit Kat bar filling? Our video will reveal all of the details.

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