The surprising truth behind how Pringles are really made

Have you always wanted to learn how Pringles differentiate in taste from other potato chips? You won’t believe how these undeniably delicious chips are made!

The Surprising Truth Behind How Pringles Are Made
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There’s just something magical about munching Pringles, isn’t there? First of all, it feels like the stack of chips never ends. Second of all, they are just so good. Pringles encompass a different taste compared to regular potato chips. They’re packed with flavour, they’re fulfilling, and they never cease to amaze (or end).

But there’s a reason why they taste different than other chips...

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Not a whole lot of potatoes...

Are you ready for it? Well, it turns out that Pringles aren’t primarily made of potatoes. That’s right. At one point, the company even argued that they shouldn’t even be considered potato chips. Why did they bother to point out their lack of potato content? Let us tell you! In the UK, snacks aren’t taxed because they’re viewed as a necessity, whereas potato chips are looked at as a luxury.

So the company claimed that its product doesn’t have a lot of potato content. And guess what? It’s true! They basically combine wheat, rice, corn, and some potato flakes, and mould them into shape. Crazy, right? They don’t cut a potato and process it into the standard chip shape, they combine these main ingredients and press it into the perfect shape.

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Now that you know why they taste different from potato chips, you need to learn how they make these chips into a perfect, even shape. Take a look at our video for more facts!