Looking To Spice Things Up? These Foods Will Boost Your Libido!

Here is a list of the top foods you should eat if you want to have an amazing sex life!

Looking To Spice Things Up? These Foods Will Boost Your Libido!
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Looking To Spice Things Up? These Foods Will Boost Your Libido!
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Are you experiencing a low sex drive? There are natural ways to get your energy back before turning to the small blue pills and other methods that may or may not work. There are lots of foods that are their own aphrodisiacs and will help increase your sex drive. In fact, the composition of some foods are said to stimulate the hormones linked to sex, for both men and women.

Check out these 15 foods that will give you a real boost so you can have more fun with your partner.


To have an amazing sex drive, set sail for spice town! Saffron, cloves, they are actually very good for giving your libido a boost and get you all excited! With cinnamon, your partner won’t have any more problems with getting an erection!


We often forget about them, but roots are amazing for stimulating sexual desire… ginger, ginseng, your hormones will be doing somersaults!

Not sexy, but good for the bedroom!

Garlic doesn’t make your breath smell very nice, but its composition helps to clear up both your and your partner’s couple’s sexual organs. Oysters, apart from their unappealing appearance, are rich in zinc, which is excellent for stimulating your sex drive.


They season your dishes but can also give your sexual appetite some flavour too. So why not try some thyme or chives!

Some rich foods…

Caviar stimulates the blood flow and your sex drive! But it is quite pricey… Vanilla contains small grains that have been known for their aphrodisiac qualities forever, so give it a try! There are also truffles that boost the androsterone production which is a hormone that comes from testosterone.

Some vegetables

Avocado stimulates your sexual hormones but also hormones linked to your mood (dopamine), which are all good things so eat as much as you want! Celery and asparaguses are also good for adding a bit of spice to your sex life!