KFC launches 50% off deals for the whole of January!

KFC has launched their very own January sale offering 50% off a range of everyone’s favourite products.

KFChas kicked off the year on a good note by launching their own sales so fried chicken lovers can get the best for less for the whole of January… Well until the 24th at least.

All you need to do to enjoy some discounted goods is place your order through the KFC app, where each week a different menu item will be offered for 50% off.

First up on the discount menu is Twister Wraps which will be on sale for just £1.99. So whether you’re an Original Kentucky Mayo Twister fan or a Southern Sweet Chilli Twister kind of person,KFC has you covered.

However, Twister wraps will only be discounted until the 10th of January where the Tower Burger meal will then be taking its place. The burger meal usually goes for around £5.59 a pop so come by from the 11th to the 17th to get it for half price!

Then, from the 18th to the 24th, the popcorn chicken meal will be taking the stage. The normally £4.29 meal deal will instead be going for around £2.15 for just one week.

However, the discount can only be used once per transaction. So, your mates will have to order through their own app if they want a discount. Just remember that all orders will have to be made out for delivery or drive-thru due to the lockdown.

And that's not the only good news K-Fry has to offer. Those who have committed to Veganuary are in for a treat as KFC’S Vegan Burger has finally returned to the menu.

£5 Just Eats Cashback

But, for those whose ultimate go-to’s aren’t part of KFC’s deals. You can also get £5 cashback off any Just Eats orders until the 31st of January!

All you have to do is sign up to Topcashback.co.uk for free and find the cashback deal on Just Eats and enjoy your extra £5 bonus on your meal!

The £5 cashback will become visible in your Topcashback account within five days and two weeks after the deal finishes, you can transfer your extra £5 into your bank.

The deal has a minimum spend of £10 and is only valid for new members but a deal is a deal!

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