Burger King is giving away free chicken nugget 'care packages' for drive-thru customers

For the whole month of August, Burger King is giving away free chicken nuggets to drive-thru customers who spend £15 or more!

Burger King Is Giving Away Free Chicken Nugget 'Care Packages' For Drive-Thru Customers
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Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you reach in and find a few extra fries at the bottom of that brown paper bag... except this. For the whole month of August, Burger King is giving away chicken nugget 'care packages' to its drive-thru customers.

The deal has been on since the 1st of August and anyone who spends £15 or more will receive a treat of 6 chicken nuggets. But, up until now, the surprise deal was to be kept on the down-low. Anyone who received the nuggets also got a note asking them not to spoil the surprise for other customers.

But, if you have yet to receive your complimentary chicken goods then never fear! The deal is going for the whole of August so you still have a few weeks left.

Marketing Director at Burger King UK, Katie Evans stated:

Surprise! It's true, we've been keeping a little secret in order to make our Drive Thru customers smile. We hope we've managed to spread a little bit of joy during these trying times.

The surprise gift is surely welcomed after the new Eat Out to Help Out scheme is now underway this month but excludes takeaway and drive-thru customers.

And, that's not all. After popular demand, Burger King has also announced that they have returned their famous chicken fries to the menu in both the classic and spicy jalapeño flavours.

If you're not familiar with the staple BK dish, the chicken fries are basically 100% chicken breast coated in crispy bread crumbs. And, the spicy jalapeño ones come packed with some extra spicy seasoning.

Time to hit the drive-thru!