Work On Your Pecs And Abs With These Unilateral Bench Presses

Ebenezer Samuel has just come up with a new alternative to bench presses to build muscle mass, strengthen your pecs as well as your biceps, abs and glutes.

When it comes to chest day, this means bench presses for most people. As such, it’s true to some extent, but that shouldn’t mean you do the same old flat bench presses every time. It’s always good to learn new workout techniques and switch up your routine, so you don’t end up hitting a wall.

This is what Ebenezer Samuel suggests, the fitness director at Men’ The American has just come up with a new way to work on your pecs in a unilateral way. Instead of putting your entire back on the bench, you only rest one half of your body on it, which in turn means that more muscles are activated during the exercises.

Using your entire body in just one exercise

‘This bench press is all about core accountability, about making sure your glutes and abs are turned on as you’re benching, and that you’re not simply lying on the bench,’ explains Samuel. Since half of your body isn’t resting on the bench, you have to engage your glutes and abs to keep balanced during this exercise.

The important thing about this exercise is not using too heavy a weight, but rather focussing on keeping your balance while you adjust to this new technique. Once you’re used to the movements, you can then adjust the weight to fit your level. This exercise is a perfect way to end your workout, and you should be doing three sets with 10 to 12 reps each.

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