Two Exercises You Need To Add To Your Back Workouts

These two exercises, brought to you by Jeff Cavaliere, will significantly improve your back workouts.

Jeff Cavaliere loves cable work, at least when he's working on his back. In two of his Instagram posts, the Athlean-X coach shares two exercises you can do to add some variety to your back workouts and strengthen those small muscles we tend to forget.

The first exercise is a seated vertical pull with two handles. It's pretty much the opposite of a cable fly. This exercise will help strengthen your back, as well as a part of your shoulders, according to Jeff Cavaliere.

"Take the upper traps for instance. They shrug the shoulders up, right? Yep. But they also work HARD when the shoulders are moving down too - as stabilizers!" It's like killing two birds with one stone, especially when you know the importance of strengthening your shoulders.

The second exercise is literally a unilateral row. An exercise that Jeff Cavaliere says you need to include in your back workouts.

"If you think anatomically, this will place a stretch on your lats that you simply can't beat! You can keep your hip and pelvis back while you let the arm go up and away from the hips... placing an amazing tension on the lats." So you cansafely grow your back with a cable, instead of risking getting injured with free weights and poor form.

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