This man was assaulted and kicked out of the gym for being 'too loud' (VIDEO)

Charles-Antoine Lalonde was training quietly in a gym in Canada when he was violently stopped by another man.

Charles-Antoine Lalonde experienced something pretty strange. The 19-year-old goes to the gym quite frequently and can bench an impressive 160kg. However, whilst he was at the gym and deadlifting 'quietly,' a man came out of nowhere and assaulted him, just to get him to leave.

The reason? Charles-Antoine was making too much noise and was disturbing other clients. The aggressive man walked towards the 19-year-old and interrupted his set by kicking the bar. Watch the video above to see the scary encounter between the two men.

Impossible to not make a noise

Fortunately for Charles-Antoine, it was all filmed. The 19-year-old records all of his training sessions and sends them to his long-distance trainer, Pete Rubish. When the American coach saw these images, he decided to share the video to speak out against the man’s awful behaviour.

Pete Rubish went on to support his trainee by explaining that, in this situation, you have no choice but to drop the bar to the ground mid-deadlift. The coach told the Calgary Herald:

You are picking the bar up off the ground. All the work and benefit you are receiving is on the way up… and when you put it back down, you can’t not drop it.

If you know about deadlifting, then you’ll know that it’s impossible to control how you lower a weight like this. Making a noise is inevitable, despite the precautions taken by the young athlete, who was using mattresses. This video got several million views.

Strange behaviour

According to the Calgary Herald, this gym welcomes mostly beginners and doesn’t necessarily have the required equipment for top athletes, such as a deadlifting platform for example. However, the behaviour of the man cannot be justified, firstly because he didn’t bother to talk with Lalonde when he approached him. Then, his aggressive attitude towards the young man.

Without getting on our moral high horse, it’s fair to say that this man may have been a little too hyped-up on his pre-workout or energy drinks. Even though the managers of the gym have been looking for him, the man has yet to be identified.

Watch the video above to see the entire encounter.

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