This 80-Year-Old Crossfit Grandpa Is Showing Everyone Up (VIDEO)

Crossfit has been the ‘hot’ discipline for a few years now. Several gyms specialising in it have popped up all over the world with all kinds of athletes getting on board. In the United States, a famous 80-year-old Crossfit enthusiast has been showing everyone else up!

Jacinto Bonilla is well known in New York and this eighty-year-old man has managed to earn quite a reputation for himself in Sunset Park in Brooklyn.

For several decades, he has made his weight-training equipment and accessories available to the young people who live in his neighbourhood. But he is also an avid athlete himself and is in great shape.

Chris Casey, from Local-ish at ABC, met Jacinto to find out a bit more about his lifestyle. And all we can say is that Casey didn’t exactly have an easy time with the athlete. To prove how in shape he is despite the years between them, he subjected Chris to one of the WODs that he does on a daily basis.

Deadlifts, burpees, medicine ball throws, squats, pull-ups and other core exercises.

In just 7 minutes, Jacinto Bonilla practically killed his training partner, Chris Casey. We guess it’s true what they say, age really is just a number!

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