Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Extreme New Workout!

It's true we all look to the stars for fitness motivation and inspiration, but after looking at Chris Hemsworth latest workout sessions on Instagram. we think we'd rather sack it off and count our blessings. Check out the video to see for yourself!

Following Chris Hemsworth on Instagram is the best way to make your workouts more complex, but also to progress. Accompanied by his coach Luke Zocchi, the Thor actor has now put forward an extremely demanding full body workout, which risks leaving you exhausted.

The principle is simple, all you have to do six reps of the following six exercises, without any rest time between each exercise. And this circuit should be repeated... six times with one minute rest between each round. Good luck with that.

Chris Hemsworth’s new workout

1 - Deadlift with tricep extension

2 - Inverted TRX pulldown

3 - Lunge to press with kettlebell

4 - Pullups

5 - Bosu ball squat

6 - Medicine ball throw

Check out the video above to find out more!

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