Check Out Chris Hemsworth’s Insane Two Dumbbell Workout

Chris Hemsworth has released a video in which he is working out with the help of just two dumbbells. A convenient method if that’s all you have.

‘Mix it up. Be creative. Stay in motion. Variety is the key.’ These are the wise words of Chris Hemsworth on one of his many workout posts on Instagram. The Australian actor, fond of more untraditional workouts has unveiled one of his new methods.

With the help of only two dumbbells, we can see him stringing together mobility exercises, which reinforce the whole body. A rather creative method that can be useful when you do not have much time to workout, or just to end a session to sweat a little bit more. It is also useful when there is a shortage of equipment, or when most machines and benches are used at the gym (on Monday nights for example).

If this seems a bit parodic, think again because all exercises can be effective. Most of them are also compound movements that work several muscle groups at the same time. It remains to be seen if you can find this method on Chris Hemsworth’s workout app, released a few weeks ago.

Check out the video above to see Chris' workout for yourself!

Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Extreme New Workout! Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Extreme New Workout!