This Youtuber Reproduced Michael B Jordan’s Workout For Creed 2 And The Results Are Incredible

With 2.3 million subscribers on Youtube, Alex Costa is a well-known figure in the bodybuilding and fitness world. A few days ago, the Youtuber launched a huge challenge: doing the same workout Michael B. Jordan did for Creed II.

This Youtuber Reproduced Michael B Jordan’s Workout
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This Youtuber Reproduced Michael B Jordan’s Workout

Released in 2018, ‘Creed II’ marked the return of Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in their respective roles of Adonis Creed and Rocky Balboa. To face the son of the mythical Ivan Drago, Michael B. Jordan reprised his role of the young boxer, this time with even more impressive muscles.

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Behind this titanic work is Corey Calliet, an ‘expert in body transformation.’ The coach worked with the actor for several months and recently decided to fully unveil everything Jordan had to go through. He did this by having Youtuber Alex Costa take up the same challenge…

According to the coach, ‘there was a lot of boxing and conditioning work, but the most important part was weight training. And not just weight training where you lift weights just to lift weights, but actually focusing on fitness, focusing on compression, focusing on muscle conditioning.’

The Youtuber was, therefore, able to try out the many exercises that such preparation requires. Exercises that everyone can incorporate into their Corey Calliet training program. The two men, therefore, started with the incline dumbbell press, to contract the upper chest, then an aerial press to work the front deltoid (4 sets of 15 to 20 reps are recommended).

Then Alex Costa had to do push-ups on the curling bar, engaging his abdominal muscles as much as possible, followed by lateral dumbbell lifts to work the lateral and back delts. Throughout the program, Calliet mixes up the exercises, going from a curl to an overhead press, as he had done with the actor. As a bonus, the coach even distils a valuable piece of advice for anyone who wants to succeed: ‘The key to changing your body is to always trick your body.’

Corey Calliet is not short on good advice, and when Alex Costa was in the middle of a press conference, he explained that ‘the placement of the hands, arms and feet can change the shape of the body.’ All this good advice can be found in this video, which can be seen on Alex Costa's Youtube channel.

For those who are still hesitating before getting into this training program, know that a good workout like this doesn't require being at the gym all day. According to Calliet, ‘Efficiency can happen very, very quickly if you do it right. If you do the workout right, without taking long breaks, you can do it in 45 minutes.’ So, what are you waiting for?

Michael B. Jordan Shows Off His Insane Training Regime For Creed 2 Michael B. Jordan Shows Off His Insane Training Regime For Creed 2