These are the 15 movies and series you should not be watching if you fear the Coronavirus pandemic

'Contagion,' Steven Soderbergh's movie, has been a huge success since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. However, this is not the only movie that deals with a global pandemic! If you want to scare yourself with a movie session, read on. For the others, turn back!

'Contagion,' released in 2011, has quite the worrying plotline: a patient zero from China spreads an extremely deadly virus all over the world. The whole world then falls into chaos... Remind you of anything? It's enough to make it currently one of the most downloaded movies

Contagion is breaking records

With nearly 10,000 illegal downloads per day by the end of January and peaks of 25,000 downloads per day at the beginning of February (compared to an average of 200 downloads before the epidemic), the movie 'Contagion' has been a huge success since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, as reported by the Torrent Freak website.

Although it is huge in the illegal downloading world, the 'Contagion' movie is however not the only one which deals with the risk of a pandemic, or a world facing a bacteriological threat. Read on to find a short, non-exhaustive list of the best films and series dealing with epidemics. Perfect for those who like to scare themselves thinking that the end of the world is imminent... You've been warned.

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