The Star Wars Plot Hole That Not Even Mark Hamill Can Explain

The actor admitted on Twitter that there is a plot hole concerning Darth Vader, Luke and R2-D2 that still has not been resolved…

What if Darth Vader’s identity had actually been revealed earlier on in the saga? That fateful scene we all remember may never have taken place, and it could all have been because of R2-D2!

Not even Mark Hamill can explain it

Musician/podcaster John Roderick, has been making the most of the current quarantine to rewatch the entire Star Wars film saga with his daughter. We don’t know if the two completed this marathon with Disney+ and their reasonable subscription offers, but it seems his daughter is more observant than her father! As it turns out, she managed to spot a huge error that until recently, had gone completely unnoticed!

R2-D2 was there for the whole story and never had his memory wiped so why didn’t he just tell Luke that Vader was his father at some point?

The little girl didn’t realise just how big a revelation she had stumbled upon. Even Mark Hamill, the actor who played Luke Skywalker in the saga, attempted to find an answer to this question, but to no avail.

Fans are searching for an answer

It didn’t take long for Star Wars fans all over the world to leap into action searching for an answer. Reddit, dedicated forums and Twitter saw an incredible surge in posts from people trying to come up with some kind of explanation. Some people assume that the droid simply made the choice to stay silent, just like other characters in the saga such as Obi-Wan, Yoda and C-3PO. However, other fans think the little robot may not have said anything… simply because no one asked him!

If you fancy rewatching that famous scene, along with the other twenty-something hours of Star Wars films and a Disney+ subscription isn’t for you, the official complete boxset will be available from 5th June!

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