The British Film Institute Have Been Hiding Free Movies in Your Google Maps!

Thanks to the British Film Insitute, a huge selection of films has been hiding in the app you use least.

Thanks to lockdown it has been pretty rare that any of us has needed to open Google Maps, and we’re kicking ourselves that we haven’t look at it sooner as the Britsih Film Institue has hidden a huge selection of UK’s favourite movies inside.

Google has recently partnered with the British Film Institute in order to bring people back to the cult classics. To do so, around 40 beloved filmsfrom the last 50 years are hiding around in Google Mapsincluding, Skyfall andWallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Each film can be found in Google Maps in the location that it was set in, so if you’re looking for James Bond’s Skyfall try looking around Glencoe area in Scotland.

However, official clues to the film locations will be released near the Google Pixel presents Mobile Cinema launch at the end of November.

Dr Wing Yee Cheung, senior lecturer in psychology and researcher on nostalgia at the University of Winchester commented on the event:

These movies are embedded with sensory memories of when we first watched them and whom we watched them with, which are key triggers of nostalgia. We can take the opportunity during the lockdown to create more positive memories with people in our social bubble for future recollection.

Google has also noted that searches forbest movies to watchhave recently been increasing across the UK due to the lockdown. Honestly, we can’t blame you, it’s a mission to find something to watch on Netflix these days.

Soniya Jobanputra, product manager for Google Pixel released in a statement:

As we enter another lockdown, we know that people are seeking familiarity; and find comfort in being able to reconnect to stories and characters that they know and love. Google Pixel presents Mobile Cinema’ will allow the nation to rediscover these films from our past and instantly transport themselves, whether they’re on the sofa, in the park, or moving between rooms – Pixel 5G will allow you to download and watch these films instantly.

So, if you’re looking for a digital movie scavenger hunt or just something good to watch during lockdown, keep an eye on Google Pixel presents Mobile Cinema for some top-quality entertainment.

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