How's how you can make £2000 watching Christmas movies

Are you looking to make fast and easy cash right on time for the holidays? Do you happen to be a die-hard fan of Christmas themed movies? Then you're in luck because we just found the perfect job for you! is on the hunt for their next 'Chief Holiday Cheermeister' and the perks that come with the kooky title are plentiful.

The ad posting reads:

Does the sound of jingle bells warm your heart? Have you always wanted a ticket to the Polar Express?
Did you start celebrating Christmas on November 1 (or, let’s be real, probably before that)? If you’re the type of person who watches holiday movies year-round, we want to hire you!

How many hours of movies must you watch?

The job itself consists in watching 25 holiday themed movies and answering a questionnaire before ranking them from best to worst. From Christmas classics like Elf and Home Aloneto favourites like A Wonderful Life and The Polar Express you will have to go through 50+ hours of jingle bells and Christmas carols to get your hands on a very generous pay package.

What do you get after watching all these movies?

Upon completion of what is sure to be a very joyful and –let's be honest here–extremely easy task to call a job, you will then receive £2000 as well as a year of subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max and Apple TV+. It's safe to say that lockdown might not look so gloomy if you do become the selected candidate with unlimited access to all the top streaming service websites.

You have until next week to send in your application!

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