20 Years Later, We May Have Finally Solved This Mystery From the Sixth Sense Ending

You certainly remember the cult classic film The Sixth Sense. 20 years after its release, the film continues to spark debate among its fans: is Cole, the little boy that sees dead people, aware that his psychologist is also a ghost?

In the legendary film, a young boy (played by Haley Joel Osment) can see the dead. He goes to see a psychologist (played by Bruce Willis)—who also happens to be a ghost. But does the boy know it?

The little boy who sees dead people

Remember, Cole is terrified by his visions throughout thefilm. He goes to see a child psychologist named Malcolm. However, Malcolm is also a ghost, and Cole doesn’t seem to suspect it. If he did, wouldn’t he have been afraid of Malcolm, too?

But when we watch carefully, we realize that it is actually very possible that Cole could know. This question continues to spark fan theories, especially on social media.

The long-awaited answer?

Roger Birnbaum was recently interviewed about the production of his next film. A Huffington Post journalist took advantage of the opportunity to ask the question that has haunted the world for 20 long years.

‘Does Cole know Malcolm is dead? What do you think?’ he asked. ‘No,’ the producer answered immediately, before adding, ‘or yes.’ A bit of a vague response—but he didn’t stop there.

The producer then invited curious fans to re-watch the filmfor the answer. Either it’s a preciously guarded secret, or even the producer doesn’t know… but it's still a debate worth keeping an eye on!

Check out the video above for more!

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