11 Things Hollywood Made You Believe That Are Actually Totally Untrue

  • It is incredibly difficult to break open a padlock with a handgun. With a smaller calibre gun, it’s near impossible to accomplish.
  • Chloroform won’t knock someone unconscious in a matter of seconds. In fact it takes 5 minutes of exposure to the substance, and the effects are very short-lived.
  • It’s impossible to pull the pin of a grenade with your teeth. All you’d be risking by doing so is a trip to the dentist.
  • Asteroid belts are not at all dense like we see in Star Wars. In reality, there are actually miles separating each asteroid.
  • A drowning person will never make a scene like we see in films. In fact, most of the time it’s quite difficult to spot someone drowning from the surface.

What you see up there on the big screen isn't always going to be true. Check out the list of myths that are generally accepted facts that we see everyday in television and film.

Scroll through our gallery as we debunk some of the biggest Hollywood myths out there!

Stacey Williams
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